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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Association provides an umbrella for a range of Special Interest Groups to which Association members can belong as part of their membership entitlement. These SIGs mirror the main themes of the LEPH conferences, and members of the SIGs will become increasingly responsible for developing the conference program’s content related to a particular theme.

SIGs will bring together practitioners and researchers from different sectors and institutions and provide the opportunity for establishing research and translational relationships. As well, SIGs can organise satellite consultations and workshops in association with the LEPH conferences.

Here are some of the suggested SIGs – with more to come:

Law enforcement and mental health – currently operating


Stuart Thomas: stuartdm.thomas@rmit.edu.au

Michael Brown: michael.brown2@college.pnn.police.uk

Law enforcement and HIV – operating via the LEAHN project (www.leahn.org )


Nick Crofts: nick.crofts@unimelb.edu.au 

Greg Denham:   denham.greg@gmail.com

Health of police/mental health of first responders


Ian de Terte: i.deTerte@massey.ac.nz

Katy Kamkar:  katy.kamkar@camh.ca

Gender and policing


Melissa Jardine: melissa.jardine@gmail.com

Economics of policing


Richard Bent:  rcbent@sfu.ca

LEPH Education


Inga Heyman: i.heyman@napier.ac.uk

James Clover: James.Clover@edmontonpolice.ca

Diversion and ‘deflection’ strategies

Information and resource sharing

Through the Association’s website members will have access to a very wide and continually growing range of resources including links to other institutions. An on-line library is envisaged, built on reports from initiatives in the LEPH field.

News updates

Through a regular e-Newsletter and via social media including Facebook and Twitter members will be able to share current information and updates.

International Law Enforcement and Public Health Conferences
(LEPH Conferences)

The Centre for Law Enforcement and Public Health (CLEPH), with local partners, has convened four international conferences on the topic with a fifth planned for 2019. These LEPH Conferences open up and explore the nature of the myriad interactions between police and public health.

The first, in Melbourne in 2012, was concerned with describing the field. The second, in Amsterdam in 2014, began to analyse the nature of the intersection and of effective partnerships. The third in 2016, also in Amsterdam, has brought the focus heavily onto action – how do we bring the better understandings we are developing to improve collaborations and outcomes? LEPH2018 was held in Toronto and LEPH2019 will take place in October 2019 in Edinburgh (www.leph2019edinburgh.com).

The International Conferences on Law Enforcement and Public Health are an important step in beginning to understand this intersection and to close this gap in research, policy, and practice.


The Global Law Enforcement and Public Health Association (GLEPHA) is a not for profit, membership based association whose Mission is to promote research, understanding and practice at the intersection of law enforcement and public health. Read more


President: Professor Nick Crofts

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